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Clare Evers

We were threatening to do it for ages, and after a long game of phone-tennis, we managed to catch the latest unlikely star of UKG – Clare Evers. Her recent work with the Wideboys has been closely followed by Slick n Fresh. With some soon-to-be anthems about to drop on record label Garage Jams, we thought we’d see what she’s got to say for herself.

Interviewed by SnF’s very own Dreadkey.


So Claire, you’re normally on some Motown soul vibe…

Yeah… funk… It’s funky too

OK, so how did you hook up with the Wideboys?

OK, well the Wideboys contacted me so we hooked up and they liked the vibe and style of what I was doing and I loved their work. We basically got together and tried out some ideas and that was it. Basically the different styles fused together. It just worked. And on top of that, we all just get on brilliantly, and I think that’s what shows through the music, really. We all get on brilliantly, and without sounding corny, it’s all a good vibe and we all do what we are doing and it all just shows through and I think that’s what’s happening.

Fantastic… So what current things are going on with you and the Wideboys? And with UKG in general?

Basically we’ve got a tune… Wideboys have got loads going on at the moment actually, er…, we’ve just released a tune, “Snowflake”, that I am featuring on, er…, that’s actually going to be on a compilation CD released through Ministry of Sound called “Maximum Bass”. It’s got loads of cool tunes on there, and “Snowflake” is going to be released on Garage Jam as well. On top of that, we have a lot of other stuff in the pipeline, a lot of exciting things as well as another single that’s coming soon… and it’s going to be big.

Photography - Gareth Andrew Gatrall

Photo credit: Gareth Andrew Gatrall

Wicked… anything else planned for UKG in general?

Not at the moment, no… but there are lots of good things pipeline.

Ok, what else do you have planned outside UKG, you know, your own personal stuff?

Well I am working on some great sounds at the moment with Mr Dread (laughs). Had to slip that one in (laughs again). Great sounds… and some kind of funk Motown soul sounds. And it’s brilliant. Really cool. Trying to fuse the old school with a bit of an edge, you know, really great stuff, I am working with great guys, with the Punk Papa.

Wicked… plug yourself.

Plug myself… plug myself… Well there is nowhere I am playing at the moment that I can give you details to, but let’s just say that once things start taking off with singles being released, I am obviously going to be out promoting that on behalf of myself and the Wideboys. So that will be good… and er, lots of other stuff too…

Cool… ok. Now it’s time for your 3 Slick Ones…

Clare Evers

First. Your slickest garment.



I’ve got loads of garments.

Shoes or bags will do…

Ok, I’ve got a pair of earrings


(Laughs) I’ve got really cool long earrings. Sounds really stupid, but whenever I wear them, everyone just comments.

That will do. Earrings… ok, slickest venue you have ever been to or played at.

Ooooh, Sydney. I have to say Fox Studios in Sydney where the Matrix was filmed. I did a gig there, it was wicked.

And now, the slickest human being alive.

Seriously? My dad.

That’s gangster!

My dad is the man.

Claire, there have been your three Slick Ones. Thanks for your time and hopefully we’ll hear from you soon.

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