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Ny of True Tiger Recordings

Ever heard of Rhythm & Grime? Well let Slick n Fresh be the first to introduce you to the unique sounds of the first lady of R&G, Ny.

Having carved out her own musical path on her first Mixtape Split Endz Vol. 1 and list of musical collaborations that include Sway, Wiley, Plan B, Duncan Powell and Pro Green, one would wonder why we haven’t heard more about her. Industry heavy weights BBC 1xtra loved her latest mixtape so much that they play listed three CHOONS from her latest effort Split Endz Vol. 2.

Slick n Fresh couldn’t miss out on an opportunity to speak with the vocal tigress!

Interview for Slick n Fresh by Omar Jennings

How did you get started?

I knew I wanted to sing from age 11 and during secondary school I would sneak off to listen to music or have my headphones playing beats in science class. Out of school I filled my time by joining different courses in my local area in song writing, performance skills etc. I began working for an under 18s rave company helping out and I was allowed to perform sometimes I began entering small talent competitions and saw that people liked my voice.

I continued working towards a music career by getting into any studio I could and finding shows but in 2005 I put together and financed my first mixtape, I gave the tracks to DJ’s and began doing features on other artist albums like Sway & Plan B which got my name out even more.

I recorded my second mixtape Split Endz Vol. 2 with True Tiger Recordings which has brought a lot of attention with the help of radio DJ’s like Cameo, Jez Welham and Ras Kwame also my site and also The rest continues to unfold.

R&G's Ny

What was your first gig?

Hmmm well I did a lot of home shows to family but one of the first was a competition in HQ’s Camden where I was accompanied by close friend DJ XL
Bass (RIP)


What is new in Lady Ny’s world?

Just doing a lot of gigs with my band and getting the CD (Split Endz Vol.2) out to as many people as possible. Check out the website for details.

Being the lone star of R&G – a relatively new genre of music – do you think there is room for growth in R&G?

The industry always looks for a name to brand something with, it’s nice to be seen as the lady of R&G as I have come through the UK Grime scene and worked with a lot of the artist from that genre. If you listen to my CD, however, you can hear a range of influences as I have grown up listening to all kinds of music from Beres Hammond, Peter Tosh; to like Blondie, Simon and Garfunkel. So to me it’s simply music.

How did you come up with idea for your mixtape, Split Endz Vol. 1?

Well Split Endz Vol. 1 involved a lot of experimentation both with the writing and production; it’s more of a conventional mixtape with skits and snippets running through it but still is a representation of Ny as a teenager.

Ny and MC Purple

Split Endz Vol.2 covers the entire basis musically as it touches on Dancehall with ‘No One Ever Cared’ featuring Badness and then moves over to the summery R&B sounds of Willow. What influenced such a diversified approach to music?

Well as I said earlier I grew up listening to all kinds, my mum loves her roots reggae and old soul and my dad artists like The Beatles, The Police etc I have always loved Mariah Carey! I just love good music don’t care who it’s by and what kind as long as its quality and I try to convey my musical background in my sound.

Who would most like to collaborate with?

Well a lot of artists but Kanye West, Beres Hammond, Jah Cure, Busta Rhymes, Mark Ronson and Lauryn Hill. That’s just a few because there are a lot.

How did you hook up with True Tiger Recordings?

Well I got their number and thought I’d check out some of their production as I had finished SE Vol. 1 and I needed to keep working. I went to the studio in Watford and heard the instrumental for ‘Fire’ and we couldn’t stop there!

Ny has worked with Wiley, Plan B, Duncan Powell and Pro Green

You recently started to perform with a live band, what can the audience expect from your live sets?

Now that would be telling! (Laughter) I would say a fresh new vibe and a good show, but you be the judge.


You’re a master at collaborating with artists, you have featured on tracks with Plan B, Sway, Purple, Pirelli, Professor Green and the list goes on. What has been your most memorable effort with another artist/producers?

Well I loved working with all of those guys and I think it’s important like baking a cake the ingredients/artist that go into it. I did some work on a well known Ethiopian singer, Jonny Ragga whilst out in Ethiopia and the track is still really big out there. He is a great writer and produces all his own music, definite inspiration.

Do you find that people are responsive to your vocal style?

Definitely! I get a lot of love from supporters and I get great pleasure
out performing live especially when it’s the first time someone has heard me I like to surprise them.

What are you listening to at the moment?

The music I listen to depends on my mood but I love the new Mark Ronson track, my little sister Tsehai has got me into The Fray and I’m really enjoying the John Legend album.

You are a serious animal advocate of animal rights, where does this passion come from?

I know you’re a detective really! Yes… I love animals tooooo much and I guess really from my dad he loves birds and plants and actually lives in Ethiopia now so I get to see beautiful animals when I’m visiting. I’ve always wanted to be a person who makes a difference and I used to write letters against animal testing and I’m a vegetarian so its just part of me.

Rhythm & Grime's Ny

Top five UK MC’s?

Wiley, Kano, Ghetto, Wariko, Purple. It’s hard because I like MC’s for
different things. Some for content, flow live etc… but I also love Maverick, Rukus, Badness, JME and more

Top five UK Producers?

Curtis Lynch, Jonnyrockstar, Mark Ronson, Wiley, Scandalous Unltd, Duncan Powell, Paul Fynn, Misty Dubs, I’m undecided ’cause again there are a lot of talented producers! (Laughter)

Top five UK singers?

Omar, Craig David, Steelo, Gabrielle, Sherelle Mckenzie

Split Endz Vols. 1 & 2 are in all good record shops now

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