EZ announces planned release of new Pure Garage CD Compilation

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UK Garage for the masses with a new Pure Garage CD

2007 has been a strange old year for UKG. It started out with the usual shouts of “This will be the year for the garage comeback”, and after a strong start and few tunes creaping back into the cars of the pirate listener it seemed possible.

It may be that DJ EZ is going to reinforce that theory.

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Now over the past few months there’s been a drought. Bassline driven 4/4 has started outputting vinyls at a faster rate and seems to be en route to going commercial (keep an eye on T2 – Heartbroken).

Pivotal moments of two double oh seven have been the launch of UKGMP3.co.uk, Simply Garage jumping into the ring as contenders for the UKG rave crown, Control-S launch their own label releasing 2 anthems, and not forgetting the launch of SlicknFresh.co.uk.

This it seems is not enough. With the volume, variety & value of house music out there; people are still moving away from UKG.

UK garage needs something to get people interested again. New skool needs to be accessable by the masses.

So once again, the most popular UKG DJ of all time – DJ EZ – comes in to save the day.

On his latest Kiss FM show Mr EZ has announced the release of the next CD in the Pure Garage series.

Pure Garage – Rewind: Back to the old school is penned in for release at the end of November – just in time for Christmas.

“Another old skool CD!” I hear you shout? Well don’t worry. EZ refused to do the CD without being able to have a new school bonus disc!

PGRBTTOS is down to be a 4 disc complilation with 100 tracks! This is sure to add to the 1.7 millions copies that the Pure Garage series has already sold.

SnF says thanks to EZ for doing it again, and asks all UKG ravers to put this CD in the Christmas stockings of as many people as you can.

Listen to EZ’s last show


  • November 11, 2007 | Permalink | Reply

    you can never have enuff old skool cds!

  • steve [Visitor]
    December 7, 2007 | Permalink | Reply

    to be honest i think this is the worst pure garage ever,to much loopin and the mixes are dodgy and go on for to long

    enough is enough

    wheres the old ez gone

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