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UK Garage interview with Kronik Record's Scott Garcia

It’s a London Thing, Poison, G.A.R.A.G.E, ‘Course Bruv.

Remember these UK garage anthems? Now meet the man behind them… Scott Garcia.

It’s been a month since Scott Garcia reintroduced Kronik Music to the UK Garage scene by rereleasing Poison with some upfront remixes.

Following this release, we decided to catch up with Scott to find out exactly what he’s got planned next, his views on the bassline scene and what he thinks of bassline hit, Heartbroken.

Interviewed by Ryder DJ

First of all, thanks for taking time out of your busy schedule to speak to us! For those who don’t know, it’s time to educate. How long have you been in the game, DJing and Producing?

I started DJing in 1992. Back then I was playing hardcore, which then changed to jungle, which I wasnt feeling as much. So I started playing old skool house; like 88-89 stuff. I got into garage in 1994 and haven’t looked back really. I set up a record shop in 1995 and thats when I started producing my own stuff. I got my first record deal in 1996 when i was 17!

There’s a number of hits I can’t choose between, but what tune are you most proud of?

The track I’m most proud of is of course, “It’s a London Thing” for what it achieved and the way people related to it. Over the years I’ve heard all sorts of stories about the track. But I think the most touching was when a guy came up to me in a rave and said his best friend had passed away recently and that they played It’s a London Thing at the funeral. Apparently it was his favorite tune and even had a tattoo saying It’s a London Thing. That made me think a lot about how that track had affected different people and the impact it had on London in general. Music is a very powerful thing.

UK garage kronik

Best collab you’ve done?

The Dubmonsters track “Waiting” is my favourite collaboration I’ve been involved in. I still rate that as one of the best days work I’ve ever done!

It’s been a month since the release of the Poison Remixes vinyl, how did that go?

Yeah, it’s going really well, getting a lot of love on the pirates and some commercial radio plays too, I purposely didn’t put the original mix on the vinyl because although it’s a remix, I wanted the whole package to be fresh and to approach the vocal from a totally different angle than in the past, I think we achieved that.

I’ve got a couple of poison mixes stashed away, what made you wanna remix and rerelease it? Was it a strategic move or just a love for the tune?

It was a mixture of both really. Poison was by far the biggest independent release on Kronik and it seemed fitting that we reintroduced ourselves to the scene with a bang. Couple that with my love for a good sing-a-long record and the decision for the first release was made for me really!

You sent me the PSG in Rio tune a couple of days ago. I’ve got to say I’m loving the tune, is it due for release on vinyl? If so, when?

Yes it certainly is. A limited edition 10″ vinyl will be hitting the streets on Monday 17th December, a perfect xmas gift for your Nan eh.

Haha, joker! I see you’ve got bassline mixes on both of the above tunes, what are you saying about the bassline scene? Is it overrated? Do you support it?

I don’t see how it can be overrated, the people involved in the bassline scene from day one have put in alot of work to get the scene where it is today, I have supported bassline for about 2 years now but have found it hard to play it in my sets down in London untill recently. it’s a sound I relate to as it’s basically what I was making back in the speed garage days brought up to date.

Some people are hating on T2’s “Heartbroken” and some are saying it’s helping move the scene forward, what’s your opinion? Do you like the track?

Personally I like the track. I’ve been playing it for ages and will continue to do so. Unfortunately in this scene there seems to be a trend of hating on someone as soon as they get successful. I mean how can anyone who truly loves the garage scene say it’s a bad thing that we are getting mainstream attention again? Bassline has moved the scene forward no doubt about it.

Top 3 DJs in the game right now?

My favourite DJs (in no particular order!)

  • Mike Ruff Cut Lloyd
  • Ray Hurley
  • Ratpack

All of these DJs play sets that in my opinion take you on a journey!

What about producers?

Again, in no order:

  • DJ Q
  • Paleface
  • Duncan Powell

Any news on what’s coming next? What can we expect to see in the new year?

You can expect to see a new release from Kronik Music every month. We have been busy signing up new talent and will be focusing heavily on developing our new artists. On the Scott Garcia front, I’m currently doing some very interesting collaborations production wise and I will be releasing an album/mixtape early next year. Also, we are doing a video shoot for the Poison remixes so look out for that. As always I’ll be up and down the country DJing and we are also doing an It’s a London Thing event in Portugal next summer. Up to the minute info on all of this can be found on the MySpace pages.

The Poison Remixes are available in all good record shops now.

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