Videos: “H ‘two’ O – What’s it gonna be” & “The Wideboys – Bomb The Secret”

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UK Garage with lovely ladies

Underground music and school uniforms – some may say it’s a one way ticket to jail. Luckily in this case we’re talking about 2 music videos from H ‘two’ O and The Wideboys.

H ‘two’ O feat Platinum – What’s it gonna be is the latest track enjoying success off the back of the bassline pop surge. This cheesy, cheap sounding tune is supposidly destined for big things. Available to buy on digital download on 11th February more exposure for the UKG scene is always welcomed. As aforementioned, check out the video for bassline music and some hotties in school uniforms.

Also on the school uniform vibe is the latest video from The Wideboys. Bomb The Secret has vocalist Clare Evers looking like an absolute treat in this classy video to the club anthem that refixes The Bucketheads classic.