Monthly Archives: October 2008

The Scare-a-Mortal Portal

We here at Slick n Fresh love a good fright. As it’s Hallowe’en and to help get everyone in the mood we thought we’d share a frightenly good service to freak your friends out.


The ‘Scare a Mortal Portal’ lets you send people a terrifying personal video message and it’s an absolute hoot.

Our friends at the Portal are also offering SnFers the chance to win a copy of Darren Shan‘s new book Death’s Shadow, and Dark Sector for the Xbox 360.

Find out more about the portal and how to win inside…


The TDK - Any old skool UKG conissieur's lifeline

Shine FM’s Simon T kindly dropped by one of the few remaining UK garage communities recently to share some archived goodness.

Simon had a few tapes with classic pirate radio sets from a few years back. This involves goodness from Mission FM & The Heartless Crew, Pay As You Go on Rinse FM, Randy C & Preshus on Deja Vu, and finally PL & 2 Ton with an absolutely classic set.

Listening to these proper makes you remember the good ol’ days.

Links inside!


Slickmix 2007 winner DJ Pressure

Slick n Fresh mixmaster DJ Pressure is back on the one’s, two’s, three’s and four’s with another mental mashup mix.

Pressure loves to chop, slice and dice his tunes in his mixes and he does so at breakneck speeds. In his 3rd outing with his “rave stylee” series he even has a go at mixing backwards!

Expect pure madness with a nice cross section of underground music including 2-step, 4/4, old school classics & a bit of dubstep. He kicks it all off with his dub of Never Leave Me Alone that he won when he walked away with the Slick n Fresh mix competition last year.

Track list and download link (provided by inside the ride


UK Garage from Duncan Powell

UK Garage DJ / Producer Duncan Powell last treated us to an old school mix up as he said there wasn’t enough new bits about worthy of throwing together something upfront.

Well now he’s said things are looking up and has laid down a tasty little MP3 for your listening pleasure.

This month you’re lucky to hear 2 tracks from MJ Cole‘s forthcoming album which is sure to be a doozy.

Find inside a link to the mix, featuring tunes from Duncan himself, Sunship, S.K.T, Solution, K-Warren, Qualifide + more.


Borat says check out the UK Garage SEXY TIME!

How would you like some sexy time with Platnum?

They say that sex sells, and people are starting to realise the power of YouTube. Hard2Beat Records have decided to put both together and have released a “Sexy Edit” of Platnum’s last commercial outing – their bassline remix of UKG classic Love Shy.

This is completely retarded viewing – but we love it.

Video inside


UK garage from DJ Detox

Hype Radio has some of the finest UK garage DJs internet radio has to offer. Every now and again their DJs put out some mix downloads for our listening pleasure.

Detox has previously treated us to some quality mixes old & new. This time round he’s thrown down a completely new skool mixup with upfront & unreleased UKG.

Find tunes from Sugar Bear, Genesis, Tony Hill, Karl Brown, MJ Cole, Art Tee, Delinquent + more.