Monthly Archives: February 2011

UK Garage from Kontigo

Future Garage is a scene that is absolutely blowing at the moment. It’s roots firmly in UKG with it’s 2-steppy vibes but also blurring the lines with Dubstep at times, Future Garage is a sound being picked up more and more by DJs and listeners alike.

Kontigo is a British-born producer based in Seville, Spain, and he’s firmly keeping the UK sound alive.

The Lost Hours e.p. is Kontigo’s debut release and has 4 massive original tracks from him. His tracks combine a chilled out synthy haze with a raw garage edge, making this release a must for any serious underground DJ.

And if that wasn’t enough, producer-of-the-moment Submerse makes an appearance to drop a remix on there.

The Lost Hours e.p. is out on Slime Recordings on 21/02/2011

Track list

1. Believe
2. Losing you
3. Here I Come
4. Stars Fall
5. Stars Fall (Submerse Remix)

UK Garage from DJ Elski

UK Garage is always in thick and fast supply from the 4 2 The Floor Recordings camp, mainly engineered by the man will all know and love by now – DJ Elski.

Tony H – The Reaching EP

Anthill Mob sound-a-like Tony H is back with another slammin’ e.p. for purchase.

UK Garage with the Reachin EP from Tony H

The Reachin e.p. is a cheeky little 3-tracker with Tony’s latest sounds. As per usual the levels are high on this one, so please pick it up from Juno Download as quickly as you can!

Track list

1. Reachin’
2. Fire
3. Fire (4×4 Mix)

DJ Elski – February 2011 mix

DJ Elski is back on the ones and twos showing you the best current and forthcoming music there is, with a few classics splashed in for good measure.

See the track list and download the mix inside


UK Garage from Freshbeat Recordings

The noughties was a decade of true grit. Underground music continues to progress into harder, deeper forms in 2011 and we love it.

This time around, DC of the Freshbeat Recordings camp takes us through the latest and greatest in grime, dubstep, funky and bassline.

Inside, find tracks from Zinc, Major Notes, Funkystepz, MJ Cole, Nero, Mike Delinquent + many more