Submerse presents Heartbeats: The garage charity album for Japan – Out 18/03/11 – buy it

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UK Garage charity album Heartbeats

As you probably know, Japan is currently going through its biggest national crisis since World War II after an earthquake and a resulting tsunami devastated large parts of the country. Tragedy always brings philanthropy from people who want to do what little they can to help.

Leading the charge from the UK underground scene are Rob ‘Submerse’ Orme, Andy Bee and Toby ‘Price’ Godwin.

The gang have assembled a crack team of producers to bring Heartbeats, an album from which all revenues are going to help the plight of the Japanese population.

For as little as £5 you can get a release of epic proportions, and you’ll be helping a nation in crisis.

The album will be all fresh, unmixed tracks from a list of artists to make your eyes pop – including Para, Phaeleh, Dj Madd, RSD, Donga & Blake, Submerse, Price, Resketch, Whistla, Blind Prophet & nHatgi, Erra , Rrritalin, Duncan Powell, Sclist, Sentinels , VVV, Klaxons, Indigo, Blnd!, Valta & Minikin, Sines, Opti, Von D, Littlefoot and more.

All revenue is going to Red Cross Japan.

The album is out on Friday 18th March 2011. Make sure you frigging buy it!