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Dubstep from DEVolution

Get some Bad Love, remix it, win £500, a release on Warner and a year’s free Soundcloud Pro. It’s that easy.

DEVolution are currently looking for up and coming producers to send in remixes to bolster their upcoming smash Good Love.

The team of DEVs – Pete Devereux and Tom Devos – have been destroying radio and dance floors across the country with their first release featuring Amy Pearson. There’s even a cracking UK Garage remix in the package labelled the “Anthems Not Bangers” remix which takes you back to the bubbly era of Golden Garage.

The original was MistaJam’s Hot Jam of the Week and has received B-list status on BBC 1xtra, along with airplay from Target on 1Xtra and Trevor Nelson on Radio 1

If you fancy turning Good Love into some dead dirty Bad Love and entering a remix, head over to to grab the stems and get cracking.

Good luck!

Good Love by DEVolution

UK Garage from Robbie T / Phonetix

Earlier in the year, we reported on Vinyl & Voicemails – a free 19-track album compiling some of Phonetix’s best work from the past 6 years under his various monikers (including Robbie T, Soul Master, Wolverine & Liquid Funkstar).

Keeping up with his free music trend, Phonetix presents us with a hefty 28-track strong zip file. If you’ve been paying attention to his blog or our forum you might have spotted it already, but for the benefit of those who haven’t though – you can grab the file from here.

You might find you have some of the tunes already, but there’s a few exclusive previously vinyl-only bits in there you won’t – so it’s probably worth a go. It is free after all. And Robbie tells us that that’s 47 tracks he’s given away this year (48 if you include the one he dished up last month to those who signed up to his mailing list)… that’s gotta be some sort of record?! What a generous chap.