Skanx - State of jungle e.p.Sub Slayers have to be the beastliest of all Nu Jungle labels and I’ve yet to come across a release that sucked. Their latest release features 4 breaktastic tracks from Skanx.

To accompany the upcoming release, Sub Slayers owner Jay Cunning has chucked us a free tune from Skanx & U-Ome, as well as a mix showcasing some of the most savage Nu Jungle on road right now.

Check it all out inside!


Akin – Finite EP – Out 22nd October 2012

Akin - Finite

Slime heads down under once again to welcome to the label UK producer Akin. Currently residing in Australia, his deep melodic style fits right into his surrogate homeland musical renaissance – we’re not sure what’s in the water over there but whatever it is we’d like some, as there seems to be some incredibly talented new producers emerging right now from its shores. Akin is no exception to this, with a way with a melody that will have you in the palm of his hand.

‘Jaded’ drifts in on a subtle garage groove, with delicious female vocals echoing through the mix and light melodic touches spreading ito the rhythm with beguiling ease. A perfect soundtrack for rain-soaked autumnal nights.

‘Longing’ switches gears with a foray into liquid D&B styles, melancholy chords riding high in the mix with glittering piano keys and FX amongst a strong vocal sample that fits the track perfectly.

‘You Don’t Know’ flips back to a strung-out 2-step style, with plaintive violins drenched over honeyed female vocals and skittering percussion that washes over you like a warm summer breeze.

So this very unsubtly titled track has been doing some damage lately. Coyly entitled Fuck Off (or Step Off for the clean version) DJ Memzee‘s UKG-cum-Grime hype track features the likes of DDark, Artcha, Oranje2000, & Jamakabi.

The track mentions touching boobies and playing Mario Kart so I’m pretty much sold. Are you?

Fuck Off drops on Up Tempo Records soon.

It’s been a few years since Todd Edwards dropped his banger There’s No Place Like London for the first time at 4 by 4 in the IndigO2. After dropping this dub, made especially for that trip to the UK, Garageheads have lusted after the anthem.

Well lust no more kids: There’s No Place Like London is finally getting a release, dropping on Sweat It Out Music this Friday 24/08/12. Listen to the radio edit below. Excite!

Wookie has been busy in the studio again. Here’s 2 fresh remixes from the man behind the legendary Exemen moniker.

Sam And The Womp – Bom Bom (Wookie Remix)

Tanya Lacey – Greatness (Exemen Remix)

Duncan Powell is no stranger to a high UK Garage work rate. He has put out reams of tunes over his career, along with a ton of freebies.

Bar his recent re-release and remix of his classic Break, it seems as though Mr DP has been on a bit of an extended holiday. Well not to worry, kids, as he is fully back with these 3 tracks recently uploaded to his Soundcloud.

Check out his three latest tracks collaborating with UKG vocalist Jay Harvey below.

Ear sex.
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