IMVU Music Store-Issues with your Mix?-

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IMVU Music Store-Issues with your Mix?-

Post by aaronpawlak » 12 Apr 2018 12:10


i have been having this problem for about 6 days now that the music that i have bought from the music store is not streaming correctly. it was working fine just a few days ago and now the music wont play for me or it will play maybe one full song or half a song or it will skip a few songs then give me some music for maybe a minute if that , then its gone already. Another thing i see with the music is when its not working i can not hit the stop button to reset it to get it to work. i have cleared out my cache to see if that fixed it but no that did not work then i updated still did not work, i checked all my settings on my computer and everything is working correctly, might i add this is all music mixes that are doing this ie everyone's music lists. i once again today cleared out my cache and nope nada not working correctly then i thought ok maybe if i uninstall imvu then reinstall it then it will work correctly but to no avail it is still not working correctly. might i add this is getting rather annoying now as i am a person that NEEDS music being played all the time lol, Yet the radio's are working perfectly for me. There has been no changes to my internet connection nor no changes to my computer , i have enough RAM as my computer is not even 4 months old. I need some help please with regards to this matter or could someone from the technical team have a look into the music problem.

Please help.

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