Is this mac "decent" for music production...

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Is this mac "decent" for music production...

Post by aaronpawlak » 10 Mar 2018 09:56


I'm thinking of moving over to the mac platform and a friend has sourced me this......he said it will be a "bargain price" but while that's great I'm more interested in whether it'll be a capable machine for music production.."Mid 2010 frame. 2.8ghz quad core Intel xeon. 12gb ram (1 slot left for another possible 4gb). 8tb sata drive. no hdmi out but have it running 1080 through dvi-hdmi lead. Running Sierra really well."I use Cubase, Kontakt, realguitar, Omnisphere, Halion 6, Superior Drummer, Session Horns etc.,Should a system like that be able to handle the above + effects?My main Music PC has once again become a jack of all trades so looking to mac as a specific music machine.I'd really appreciate any advice.

please help

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