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Control-S Sunday Night Sessions – 29th April 2007

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In Ctrl Recordings

More banging music for you to download.

Control-S have had a whirlwind career so far on the garage scene.

With countless releases to their name, a prime time pirate radio slot and now their own record label, Martin & Lee are 2 of the biggest movers on the circuit.

They have uploaded their radio show for the first time since moving to Sub Jam 104.7FM this week. Be sure to catch it, it’s a BANGER!

Worth a mention is their first release on their brand new record label In Ctrl Recordings. The Gonna Make It EP is easily the biggest vinyl around right now. If you can find a copy of this vinyl/CD release, make sure to grab it!

Downloads and tracklisting available after the jump!


Charma’s Sunday Mass – April 29th 2007

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DJ Charma

The man at the forefront of the UK Garage scene has uploaded his latest radio show including the usual content of slammin’ unreleased UK Garage.

This week is the first week his upped the quality from 64kbps to 128kpbs for a crisper sounding show!

Tracklist and download links follow after the jump!


Riddler VIP Volume 2 available via Juno.co.uk

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Riddler VIP Vol 2

One thing you can always say about the Riddler Camp, they are consistant.

The highly anticipated release Riddler VIP Volume 2 can now be purchased from Juno.co.uk

With tunes from Duncan Powell, Robbie T and Riddler, this is a piece of plastic not to be missed.

Listen Via Juno.co.uk

EDIT: This is now available in ALL good record shops now!

Luck, Neat & Shy Cookie 2007 remixes released

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Lush Music

4 UK Garage classics have been remixed and re-released on 2 vinyls.

One of the biggest selling UK Garage vinyls of all time – The Red Rose EP – has had it’s tunes remixed and released on Lush Music’s “VIP Mixes” EP.

The EP includes mixes from Reece B and DJ Luck & Beatfreak.

The VIP Mixes EP is released alongside DJ Luck & Shy Cookie’s Troublesome, another big classic with updated mixes.

The vinyl features the original vocal mix with 3 brand new remixes with talents such as R Kane, Domino & Beatfreak.

Listen to Troublesome Via Uptown Records
Listen to VIP Mixes Via Uptown Records
Uptown Records Homepage

“Jay Harvey – Sessions” video online

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Jay Harvey - Sessions

A video for Paco’s track “Sessions” featuring the vocal talents of Jay Harvey and Special MC has appeared online.

The song, originally released on North 9 records, is set for a repress on Tony Portelli’s Music Industry Raw label shortly with new remixes.

Click here to see it